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Explore Central New York and the Finger Lakes

Central New York and the Finger Lakes communities encourage you to explore our region of New York State.   They are home to the best places in New York where you can enjoy fine food, award winning wines from our local wineries, and the beauty of nature in some of New York’s many city, county and state parks. Many local musicians fill the intimate venues that pervade the landscape of our many enchanting small towns and villages .  Live theatrical performances appear not only in theaters but parks, restaurants and museums  all over our region.  Many of our locally owned restaurants aim to tempt your palette with locally grown food prepared by the finest chefs found in New York state. Our ongoing and improving Teacup Blog, Business Listings, ETC and our Event calendar are presented here as links to help make enhancing your social life easier. The Teacup Blog’s list of our some of our topic categories

  • Advice – About relationships including the one you have with yourself
  • Places to Visit – Tells you about some of the wonderful locations around the area you are sure to enjoy
  • Recipes – Sharing food with those we care about is common to us all.  These are some of the recipes we found and hope you will make to please your guests.
  • Things to Do – Some times this category is difficult to separate from the great places in which to do something, but you can see what activities are available in the area and how to fully take advantage of them.

The Business Listings, ETC includes the following general categories.






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Our Event listings are on two pages but you get two separate views.

  • Our TeacupCoffeehouse calendar – Smaller local venues with live music, theater, or other types of activities you might find interesting are listed in a monthly view so you can see the whole range of events at a glance.
  • Our Agenda View – This view of our event calendar is mobile friendly and we also included a button at the top of this page to make it easier for our visitors using a mobile device to search our calendar day by day.

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